Elizabeth, Lewisville, TX – Dyslexia Awareness Month

My two 8-year old sons have dyslexia and they received the bracelets at school as part of Dyslexia Awareness Month during October. It is a wonderful, physical reminder of all of the things they do WELL and all of the blessings in their lives for which they can be thankful, grateful and positive. Now they have the opportunity to support and encourage others next!

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Rachel, Calgary, – Healing

When I was in the hospital I needed a hair elastic and my mom went to the gift store and found these. I now wear my bracelet everyday, and it has been a wonderful reminder during my recovery of mental illness. It helps me to remain positive even during the most difficult times.

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Tara, Ohio – Helping a Family Heal

Last week I attended a tragic funeral for one of my classmates. When I went to her wake, I couldn’t think of any words to comfort her family. I did, however, give a positivity bracelet to the student’s mother. She managed to smile through her tears as she slipped the bracelet on, and I felt good knowing that I was a part of their healing. She was so grateful for that bracelet. These bracelets truly change lives.

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Mallory, , Indiana – Keeping An Open Mind

A good friend gave me my positivity bracelet to always keep an open mind during basketball & difficult times in my life. Every time I see it, I always remember to keep a positive mind about life. It’s really helped me with stressful things.

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Caroline, – The best aunt ever

Ever since my auntie meg got me this bracelet I have been so much more positive & my life has changed drastically. I just received this bracelet 3 hours ago. These bracelets change lives people. If you don’t have one, get one as soon as you possibly can.

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Kelsey G, Beaver Falls, PA – Positvity

I am a retail associate at JCPenney in the Pittsburgh region and I had the most lovely encounter with one of my customers. We had got to talking and all of a sudden she took her positivity bracelet off of her wrist and handed it to me. I plan on passing it on to the next person that I have a positive encounter with. It absolutely made my day that she thought that I was a positive person. I would have never learned about this website if it weren’t for her.
Thank you!

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Rachel – Cincinnati, Ohio – Positivity is meant to be shared

I bought my positivity bracelets a very long time ago when I was on vacation and just like everything else I threw them in drawer when I got home. Two years ago when I was going through a difficult time finding myself and self confidence I found the bracelets. I have been wearing one everyday since then and whenever I see it on my wrist it’s a constant reminder to be positive and see the best in the situation I’m in. The bracelet has reminded me that not every moment can be perfect and neither can I. A little while after I found my bracelet, my best friend told me she was self harming. I was devasted and felt the need to do something to remind her that wasn’t the best way to feel better. I have her one of my bracelets and now she has been wearing one everyday as well. It’s a reminder for the both of us to have a positive outlook and that we’re not alone. This bracelet helped me get through difficult times and someday I hope it get a tattoo of it on my wrist. ❤️

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Heather – Conroe, Texas – Sharing

I got my positivity bracelets yesterday afternoon. I’m in a different state for a little while & I was with my grandparents having lunch. There was a guy, probably mid-20′s, that was going to sit down whem we walked in. He had a guitar or bass bag with him. When we were leaving, he was still sitting there. As I walked by, I slid one of my bracelets to him. He looked at it and I saw him smile slightly. I walked out & left, and I know I shared my positivity.

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Alana, New York, New York – ~ Let’s Change the World ~

Mankind is polluted with negative energy.The air we breathe around us is filled with grudges and feuds, hatred and violence, disgust and distrust, jealousy and fear.

I hope that soon each and every person will take a step back and look at the battles they are fighting with others. Is the negative energy you’re harboring (and the dwelling on this energy through gossip, social media, shunning, etc.) productive in the direction you are trying to go? Or is your negativity outshining the positive aspects in your life?

Imagine if you filled the spaces of fear and hatred in yourself with love and positivity.

Imagine if you forgave the people who have hurt you – not for them, but for yourself. So that you can finally move on. I am the first one to say that it is one of the hardest things to do, but when you are truly ready to let that negative part of your life go there is no greater feeling than being able to replace those negative feelings in your life with something positive – you will be able to see an immediate reflection of this letting go in everything that you do. Remember, filling your life with hate rather than love, negativity rather than positivity is only hurting you!
So, would you rather fill your life with hate or love?

When you reflect on yourself (your goals, mood patterns, likes, dislikes, the people you keep close and the people you don’t) you’ll soon realize that you are everyone.

We often forget that each of us is result of chance. We are made up of billions of stimulants (everything we’ve ever felt, seen, heard, etc) that we’ve (each of us uniquely) have encountered throughout our whole life – some that we have chosen, but most that are completely out of our control. We are made up of memories of these stimulants – those that we can recall and those that our mind has chosen to alter over time.
I could easily be any person in the world, but by a series of chance, or maybe even fate, I am me. But I recognize that by altering one thing I’ve been exposed to or one moment I’ve experienced, I could be someone completely different – I could be the person next to me on the train, the homeless woman on the street, or even you.

Once you recognize that you are not only you, but everyone, you will find the root of empathy – in my opinion, one of the most important and impactful qualities you can possess.

With empathy in our hearts and positive energy in our soul, I really believe we can change the world.

beinvincible.tumblr.com — feel free to send positivity or questions my way.

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Hannah, Gaining Strength and Becoming Positive

I was bullied severely in the past- and still sometimes now. I use to come home with my eyes full of tears. But then, I met a true friend.

I had finally moved to a better house in a peaceful neighborhood. As I was outside in the hot summer sun, a girl with brown hair along with brown eyes was riding by on her bicycle. At that time I had no friends, since I just moved. I saw her pass by again, coming up my drive way with a tall man-her father. It might seem odd to come up someones drive way when you don’t know them. But her father greeted my mom, who was out there with me warmly with a smile. He said that his daughter saw me when she passed by and he had to motivate her to come meet me, since she was looking for new friends in the neighborhood. Me and her talked profoundly much since then. Since that day, we meet every time we can, and our friendship keeps blooming.

I never really had a friend like her. She was kind, and very helpful. I help her through her bad times, and she helps me. As our friendship was blooming, she gave me a bracelet. It had carved on it “Posi+ivi+y”.
I really liked it, but back then, I didn’t really wear it since I didn’t wear much jewelry. But, now I try to wear it as much as I can. It reminds me to be positive, and my best friend forever.

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